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Credit Repair Website Templates

Get a Premium WordPress website that builds trust and gains new customers at wholesale pricing.

Template Samples

$275 down for static front page image and $299.00 down for Motion type front page. 

It comes with text changes with your company’s information, e.g pricing, phone… and images. Custom work is available for an additional fee e.g. shopping cart, forms….

$12.00 per month WordPress hosting fees for 12 months. $10 monthly afterward or continue 12.00 with basic changes. 

Please Note: If you do not have a domain name, you are required to purchase it when you get your template. Your account is established instantly.

All dot com domains are $14.95. If you have a domain, you can just provide it and change your name server to point to ours.

Frequent Most Asked Questions

How do we get our site?

Our packages are designed to be hosted on our servers. We will installed your site usually within 3-7 days. For you to review for changes. If you want this site without our hosting. The cost is $399.

Where can I get my domain name? or to be directly on our server go to

Can I maintain the site myself? Am I familiar with WordPress?

Yes you can. However, if you break it or make a mistake, we will charge $49 to restore it to the orginal status.

What Do I need To Get Started?

1. Your Domain Name.
2. Make sure it is pointing to our Name servers and we will take it from there.

Can I change front pictures or motions?

Yes. We have several stock images or motions you can use. You can also provide your own permissible use image or motion that we can apply. 

How can I make changes?

Our designers will make all the necessary changes to the template to reflect your information. We will make all text changes you need to your site. Please allow up to 10 days depending on when we get your information.

What Software can I use?

We can connect to any credit repair software program.

So I only pay the $275.00 or $299 down and $12.99 per month including hosting?

Yes. The 12.00 covers hosting fees.

How Do I get the Changes Made?
You would have to contact the webmaster. After installation, we will send you the backend login for your website.
Why the low cost? is a wholesaler, not a retail establishment. Many are charging double for these sites in this industry with payment as high as $89 per month. To keep cost low we offer ways to communicate in an easy manner via email and live chat. Phone support is available with a support plan. We will call you if we are having difficulties understanding the need. Soon we can report payments to Dunn.

Terms and Conditions