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Get A Turn-key Credit Repair Website with Software

Get an awesome premium website, power credit repair software automation and web hosting. All for a small down payment and a low monthly payment of $47 per month.

Why? Our system was built from the ground up for credit repair startups companies.

Many credit consultants never get started fully because of high monthly expenses and not enough customers in beginning. You have merchant account fees, credit repair automation, training, coaching that is culprit of why many go out of business.  Just to break even, you are usually required to get 2 to 3 customers  just to pay the expenses. This seems easy but when you first start out, most will usually get 3 to 15 clients in the first 3-4 months working from home. Once they become comfortable, this will increase. But if you are spending $500 per month this become difficult.

  Our system will allow you to grow and earn $1,000 to $10,000 per month and even more with our turn-key system. You will only pay a small down payment and $47 per month. Getting a professional website, hosting and software automation.  This means you actually earn money on the very first client and NEVER fear those high monthly payments.

Just think, if your merchant account fee is $30-$50  per month and our software and website is $47, you will still be under $100 per month in monthly expenses. You will still earn money on the first client because most collect $149-199 for their initial payment per client. You can grow your credit repair business this way.



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