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Credit Letters Cloud Credit Repair Software

  • Features
  • Upload privacyguard and IdentityIQ credit reports and scores automatically.
  • Users can Enter and track credit scores too.
  • Users can send a generated etter via first-class or certified mail directly from your dashboard. Never go to the post office.
  • Colliect payments and billing system.
  • Users have the ability to fax a generated letter directly from your dashboard to any number e.g. credit bureau, creditor or other sources. You will get free fax pages each month and can purchase additional pages if needed.
  • Users can view credit reports account status
  • Create your own credit bureau database. We probably have all of them listed already in the system.
  • Create your own creditors database. We have thousands of creditors listed already.
  • Create your own collection agencies database.We have many collections agencies in our system already. 
  • Create or paste your custom challenge or disputes letters into the system, give them a title and category e.g. Credit Bureau letter, Creditors letter or Collection Agencies Letter and save them.These letters can be used over and over for any client.
  • Features
  • Type client’s personal information and save it.
  • Use this information for all credit bureaus, creditors or collection agency that you can select from their database or create a new one.
  • Select what custom letter you want to use, this letter will already be categorized as either a credit bureau, creditor or collection agency type of letter. Type the date, account number and derogatory situation for the letter and it will automatically create this dispute letter populated with the tags you placed. It will create a pdf filed formatted with your client’s personal information and ready for printing.
  • This letter will be date stamped and you can remind you when to follow-up with that client based on the number of days. You will enter how many days when you want to be reminded to follow-up with that client. The default number of days will be 30 days.
  • After this period, the system will alert you to follow-up with that client regarding that letter that was created and sent.
  • You will have the ability to view a list of clients to be follow-up based on the letter that was created for that client in the backend admin section.
  • Features
  • Create a new account for this client but never have to retype the client’s personal information again. Use this personal information account for each credit bureau, creditor or collection agency.
  • After creating a letter, you will have the ability to print a number 10 envelope of the client’s address information as well as the CRA/Furnisher.
  • Add placeholders within each letter to populate client’s information.
  • There are 7 custom fields that can use for any purpose,  a personal tacking numbers field, credit report number field as well as derogatory situation placeholder field and many more.

Efficiently Woks On All Devices

The perfect solutions for Credit Repair Startups, with billing, portal and the handling of complex dispute letters. 

Cloud-Based Software

Nothing has ever been more secure than our Cloud-based Credit Letters Cloud.  . No maintenance of the server of anything. All you have to do is  log into the Credit Letters Cloud wherever you are and with whatever device you’re using. Safety and security of your data is not an issue as all files are automatically backed up onto our secure servers powered by Liquid Web.

Import Credit Reports

The credit report importer is the surest and fastest channel for acquiring your client’s erroneous and inaccurate credit items. Your client’s data acquisition in the credit card repair business has never been so flexible and efficient. With the advent of the credit report importer, hours of stressful and inefficient imputing manually of your customer’s credit details are long gone. You can now enjoy the ease of an automated analysis of your client’s credit report and import collection accounts, charge-offs, inquiries, public records, late payments and any other incorrect information in less than six minutes. Such efficiency and functionality have never been more needed.

Contracts and Digital Signature

Why waste your hard-earned cash paying extra monthly fees for a digital signature contract platform that will only allow you a few numbers of digital signatures for your customers? Guess what, better days are here. You can now send an unlimited number of digital signature contract right from the Credit Letters Cloud straight from any of your devices for no extra or hidden cost. Isn’t that just amazing?

The Credit Repair Organization Act is a law that regulates the actions of credit repair companies. It states that before you can render any services for your customer, you must give them the: Sec.405 Disclosure Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law. The Client Manager Dispute software will automate this disclosure and send your customer a copy at literally no extra cost.

Auto Sign Up & Website Lead Form

Credit repair business just got even better with our Client auto sign up feature. Take advantage of the fully automated and rapid feature of our Client Dispute Manager. Take out the stress of manually signing up every customer in need of your services today. This can be done more rapidly and efficiently with our Client Dispute Managers’ client’s auto sign up function. The auto sign up process is well laid out in self-explanatory steps that can only be as easy as it is. Your prospective customers will fill out a website lead form after which a contract will be automatically sent to their email. Once this is done and they receive the contract, the software will carefully guide them through the step wise sign up process in no time.

Ever thought lead capturing was an insurmountable task? You need to take a rethink with our website lead form. With our unbeatably efficient website lead form feature, lead generation is as simple as customers filling out their contact information on your website and clicking a submit icon and their information’s will be automatically sent to you through the software. This is sincerely as easy as lead generation can ever get.

Client Online Portal

Keeps your client abreast of what is going on with their account.  In the client portal, your customers can actively log in 24 hours a day to view their current credit score, track all items that are being disputed by you, send and receive messages  The client’s portal can also be customized by adding your logo and changing the colors.

Manual and Automate Email System

Keeping your customers in the loop by sending out constant email notifications is an essential ingredient for a successful career in the credit repair business. Our highly sophisticated email system will allow you to do this effectively while saving you a shipload of time. The Credit Letters Cloud Email system is highly user-friendly as it can run on both manual and automated operation. The system has nine automation sand 21 manually triggered emails that cover the following: welcome introduction, credit score improvement, past due bills, new dispute rounds went out, new deletions and more.

Send Emails with Your Company Email Address

Give your credit repair business a personalized professional branding by sending emails to your customers with either your personal or the company’s email. The Credit Letters Cloud has an inbuilt feature which supports this function. You can easily turn off the software’s internal email and enable your personal or the company’s email on the manage email page of the Credit Letters Cloud  

Invoicing, Billing and  Credit Cards  Integration

It is paramount to keep track of your various customers and their monthly payment plans. This amazing feature of  Credit Letters Cloud will help you keep a record of customers who are yet to pay up their monthly bills. This is quite easy to go about, all you need do is click on a box in the customer area. This will give a red mark sign, indicating that such customer hasn’t paid their monthly bill. You can now easily keep track of these customers who are yet to pay their bill with the activated red mark sign. This feat can also be achieved by integrating your paypal, stripe and account to fully automate your entire billing effort with your various clients.

Automated Billing Reminder

It might be quite difficult for your various clients to keep track of their monthly bill due dates probably because of their tight schedules. Prompt payment of your customer’s monthly bills is of an essence, this is the major reason why a reminder is needed to notify your customer when their various monthly bill dates are due. There is an automated billing reminder incorporated inside the client dispute manager that will notify your customers when their monthly billing is due.

Over 100 Powerful Dispute Letters

Having a variety of dispute letter to select from is a feature you definitely want to have in your credit repair arsenal. This feature makes disputing a lot more fun than it should be. There are varieties of professionally crafted dispute letters ranging from basic to advanced letters. You can also get to preview these letters before use on our Credit Letters Cloud software. This is one feature you definitely don’t want to pass on.

Credit Your Own Letters

Customization is a highly coveted feature in the credit repair industry.  Credit Letters Cloud most powerful feature is the creating of complex custom dispute letters. Including Metro 2 challenge letters as well as debt settlements proportional prepayment plan letters with calculations. You can edit letters, copy, paste your letters from word and customize it to work exactly as your desire.  You will also be able to track and monitor your customized dispute letters.


Do you experience difficulties remembering to notify your customer to pay their bills or send you important documents? This reminder problem could cause more damages than expected. Save yourself and business from unforeseen havocs by taking advantage of our reminder feature which automatically updates you by email when a reminder is set for any month of the year, week of the month or day of the week.

Notification System

A constant notification of various activities going on in your account will enhance your efficiency and quality delivery. Getting these very important notifications are essential as it keeps you in the knowledge of what your client’s demand of you and other important information. A notification system has been implemented in the software which notifies you by email when you have a new lead, when it’s time to follow up with a new round, when you receive new documents from your customers and other notifications.


Communication is a paramount factor that plays a key role in the success of your credit repair business.  The message feature of the software allows you to communicate efficiently with your customers. Your various clients can easily reach you by sending you messages through the client online portal. The messages once sent, will appear automatically on the software and in your email.

Activity Log

This feature constantly keeps you in the loop and connected to every activity and updates on your client’s files. It enables you to keep track and control all activities regarding your client’s data. This distinguishing feature also facilitates good record keeping as it enables you to update new information like call logs and emails from your customers unto your activity log so as to not forget. This feature will most definitely increase your productivity and efficiency.